Course Syllabus



Instructor:  Lance Moore

Email:      Phone:  816-736-5500 ext. 2438

Office Hours:  7th Hour.  Office Location: Field House Gym - Boys PE Office 

INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS:  This is an "online" class through our new Liberty Virtual with instruction coming from the teacher through email, discussions, and recorded video, as well as live video.  This class will also have an experience piece that will require hands on and reflections.  You will select two experience requirements from the list and complete the requirements before the end of the semester.  You are EXPECTED to log in every day and fulfill the requirements.  If you don't log in within 5 days you may be dropped from this course. We will be using Canvas.  A large focus will be on learner-centered activities that promote independent and critical thinking skills.  


Email response time is 48 Hours

Grading Assignments:

  • Deadlines will be weekly Wednesday and Sundays by midnight.  Each assignment will specify which day of the week it is due.  You have flexibility in your schedule to determine when you work on your projects, but it is an expectation that work will be submitted by the deadline post.
  • Regular Assignments (discussions, quizzes, assignments with objective questions) grades will be posted within 48 hours of the assignment submission deadline.  Please check your Canvas gradebook as I leave comments on all assignments.  I will comment on the discussion boards when they are live and will submit the grade as soon as you have completed the comment requirement which is either Wednesday or Sunday evening.  Canvas scores will be transmitted to PowerSchool ASAP.
  • Critical Thinking Assignments  (essays, term papers, projects, assignments with subjective questions) Grades will be posted within 6 days of the assignment submission deadline.  

MATERIALS NEEDED FOR CLASS:  Health Notebook, Pencil/Pen, Laptop or access to Canvas.

COURSE OVERVIEW:  Health Education is an introduction to health topics relevant to today’s high school student.  Topics covered provide a solid background of knowledge to assist students in making healthy decisions as they move into young adulthood.


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Assets and Maslow
  • Module 2: Drugs vs Meds
  • Module 3: Tobacco/Vaping and Alcohol
  • Module 4: Immune System and Diseases/Cancer
  • Module 5: Relationships/Abuse
  • Module 6: Mental Illness
  • Module 7: Nutrition and Fitness
  • Module 8: Illegal Drugs
  • Module 9: Emergencies


  1. Follow the Golden Rule.
  2. It’s NEVER okay to disrupt the learning environment with inappropriate posts.
  3. It’s NEVER okay to hurt someone with your actions, words, or behavior.
  4. Complete all assignments and tasks on time.
  5. ALWAYS communicate w/ me, and let me know what's going on.


  1. Cell phones, earbuds, and headphones should not be used during instructional time.
  2. Log into Canvas everyday.
  3. If you don't log in within 5 academic days and have multiple missing assignments, contact will be made and may result in an automatic drop from the course.


If you choose not to follow the guidelines:

1st offense: Verbal or Nonverbal Warning

2nd offense: Parent phone call

3rd offense: Office Referral


Students must complete their own work.  The penalty for submitting another student's work as your own is an automatic zero on that assignment and administrative referral and parent contact.

GRADING:  Grades are based on a percentage of total points available.  Grade breakdown is as follows:

A      94 – 100%                A-     90 – 93%        

B+    87-89%                    B      84-86%                    B-     80-83%          

C+    77-79%                    C      74-76%                    C-     70-73%

D+    67-69%                    D      64-66%                    D-     60-63%                   

F       59% and below

Course Summary:

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